HACS Home Automation Control Systems
HACS WAS founded, by Micro Designs, to demonstrate the viability of:
low cost, self-install, modular/expandable approach to home automation for the DIY market.
Easily integrated into any system via multiple control interfaces

Micro Designs is a design, development, manufacturing consultant for industrial, home automation industry.
Consumer electronic since late 80's.

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Micro Designs last major consulting job was early 2008 when I finished:
DLA2/4/6 based on Hacs' ESS line.

Goals of Micro Designs:
Developing and promoting simple & inexpensive distributive processing for:
Wireless Decora lcd touchscreen
Wireless energy monitoring and control outlets/power strips
Link modules from/to:IR/X10/RS232/Zigbee/IP/switches/relays/etc.
LED signage
LED strip/flood/spot lighting
Audio/Video/control distribution
SMS/touchtone/voice controls
Motorized window covering controls
Remote controls for security

My hope for Hacs, over the years, is that I could find investors and/or partners to fully fund Hacs to be self-sufficient.
So many ideas/products in the pipeline. But that has not happened yet.

Just since March 2010 Micro Designs has started to get request for bids.
First since January 2007. So the economy seems to be getting better.

So Hacs is not dead.
Micro Designs is still seeking design, development or manufacturing opportunities.
Hacs is still looking for investors and/or partners.
Remote controlled products:
AB8SS = Fixed 8 Speaker Selector switch (Amp protection = resistance)
AVS-8X8 = Audio Video Selector 8 in by 8 out (composite video/stereo)
ESS = Expandable (1-31) Speaker Selector switch
Choice of: single, A/B global or A/B individual zone amplifier input
Each zone choice of:
fixed volume level
12 step manual volume control
12 step remote volume control
(Amp protection = autotransformer impedance matching)

Other products:
Cat5 products = Audio/Video/IR over cat5 cable

Electronic Hobby Kits are also available from a friend!
Home-Automation.org The most complete guide to home automation information on the web.

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AOL= hacshelp
Yahoo Messenger= hacsusa
MSN Messenger= help@hacs.com